Last Chance to Pick the Cutting-edge Offers from the World’s Largest Gifts Fair
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The World's Biggest Gifts Event

Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair
27-30 April 2017
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Last Chance to Pick the Cutting-edge Offers from
the World’s Largest Gifts Fair
The 32nd edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair is closing the curtains today (30 April)! Grasp your last chance to meet more than 4,300 worldwide quality exhibitors at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This world's largest one-stop gifts trading platform updates visitors with the hottest industry offerings and enables them to establish new business networks. Visit the fair and advance your business to the next level!

Product Highlights

Giant Avocado Float
BigMouth Inc.
Booth: M4-A55

Wooden Handicraft
CV. Widhi Asih Bali Export
Booth: 3F-C07

Opening Hours
30 April (Sun)

Buyer Registration Hours
30 April (Sun)

Smart Thermo Waist Belt
Guangdong Flexwarm Advanced
Materials & Technology Co.,Ltd.

Booth: 1E-B06

MiLi Pure Bottle
Hali-Power Industrial Company Limited
Booth: 1E-B02

Tube Products
Hip Lik Packaging Products Factory Limited
Booth: 5C-B02

O2O Notebooks
Techstorm Dynamics Pte., Ltd.
Booth: 1D-C01

Brighten Your Day Gift Ideas

DIY Finger Puppet - Ocean Fun
Advance Label Limited
Booth: 1C-A24

LED Clock
Hankuk Art Chain Co., Ltd.
Booth: 1B-B43

The Peak Photo Frame Set
(Deluxe Package)
Tella Studio
Booth: 1C-C26

Distinguished Designs from International Suppliers
A wide variety of latest giftware products from worldwide exhibitors are available for sourcing in this world’s largest gifts fair. Pavilions from Chinese mainland, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom, showcase exclusive products infused with local features. The HKEA Pavilion presents the competitiveness edge of Hong Kong exporters.
Chinese mainland
(Halls 3B-F and 5E)
(Hall 3C)
(Hall 3C)
(Hall 3B)
(Hall 3B)
United Kingdom
(Hall 3B)

Hot Picks by Media Experts

Anna Pasechnik, Chief Editor - GIFT Review magazine, Russia

Gifts & Premium Fair is a perfect reflection of the world's gift market with its diversity and variety of the assortment.

Eco gifts continue to be one of the most popular trends for today. Many exhibitors are proud to present new products made of recycled leather, glass and other materials as well as of natural materials such as cork and wood.

Another trend is tech gifts - all sorts of gadgets, bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers, power banks are widely used in promotional gifts segment of the market. The producers invent new forms, colors, types of these products to attract the customer. Multifunctionality is also being emphasied in the market. The gift must be useful and multifunctional nowadays, for example, it combines the functions of a speaker, stand for smartphones and selfie device. 2-in-1 is already not enough as a gift, the best gift should combine 3 functions or even more.

Another fast growing sector is licensed gifts. More and more companies choose this way to develop their business. The new zone Licensed Gifts at the fair is catering the needs of this segment.

Philippe Mechin, Overseas Reporter - BM2C Media, France

Unique in the Planet

Seeing the amazing number of exhibitors, Gifts & Premium Fair is unique in the industry. Nowhere in the world you can see such a large range of different products. Ranging from handicraft to High Tech products, this fair showcases far beyond your expectation. It interests and attracts not only people involved in gift market, but also in furniture, electronics, gardening , DIY, kitchen goods, decoration chainstores and retail business . They can find so many original ideas to complete their offers.

Kitchen and Household Products
Kool Limited
Booth: 1E-D02

MiLi Smart Skin Moisture Detector
Hali-Power Industrial Company Limited
Booth: 1E-B02

Wooden Decoration Items
Starlite Visual Communication Limited
Booth: 1E-E01

Emanuele Elo Usai, Editor – La Ceramica Moderna & Antica, Italy

The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair is filled with exciting technology items. In a digital world, is there any sopace left for ceramic? Lorrain Lo, the Art Director of Butterfleyez shows how ceramic products can enlighten your life.

Butterfleyez is showcasing the latest collection of handmade dishes, called “The Little People”, which expresses the human emotions through a minimal design. Lorrain uses just two colors and a few lines to represent different emotional states which is beyond words can explain.

“There is philosophy in my paintings, I always draw little people because I think that humans are very small, but what they can do and achieve can be great. I want to communicate with people through my dishes, but what they see and feel in the dishes depends on their backgrounds.” said Lorrain about her work.

The Little People
Booth: 3D-E19
Lorraine Lo, Art Director of Butterfleyez

Iza Iglesias, Lifestyle Reporter – The Manila Times, Philippines

One of the many exhibitors that caught my attention is Hali-Power Industrial Company Limited. Aside from their notable MiLi power banks, they brought in two series of smart products: MiLi Smart Flash Drive Series and MiLi Smart Skincare Series, the latter is perfect as a gift choice for cosmetics companies.

InnoSphere Limited’s Drip Drop Coffee Accessories is another eye-catching series. It is uniquely convenient and handy, making it easier for you to make a brewed coffee, whether hot or cold!

Stereo Puzzles by Taiwan’s Siao Shan Po Life Co., Ltd, meanwhile, is a great option for the millennial who want a new assembly experience. It is amazing that speakers can be built using bare hands without any tools.

Babies have sensitive skin as we all know. Organic Life (Hong Kong) Company manufactures plush toys and baby apparels made with 100% certified organic materials to prevent skin allergies. This practice is still rare in the market.

MiLi Smart Skin Moisture Detector
Hali-Power Industrial Company Limited
Booth: 1E-B02

Drip Drop Coffee Accessories
InnoSphere Limited
Booth: 1E-E28

Stereo Puzzles
Siao Shan Po Life Co., Ltd
Booth: 5CON-023

Organic Cotton Big Ears Monkey Rattle
Organic Life (Hong Kong) Company
Booth: 3E-D19

Till Barth, Editor - WA Media GmbH, Germany

For importers or trade journalists involved in the promotional products industry, the Gifts & Premium Fair is a must-see event on the annual trade show calendar. It offers loads of contacts to producers and agents selling articles from any product category one can imagine – from perennial classics like writing instruments, notebooks or Bluetooth/USB devices to more exotic and unusual products.

Moreover, the show gives an excellent insight into current and future trends in the market – what we see here today will be at the shows in Europe in one or two years. The Hall of Fine Designs and the Isle of Originality in Hall 1 are among my absolute top picks. Here, you can find innovative and inventive ideas that really stick out and offer added value for importers, distributors and end users. Also a top priority: The Smart Design Village in Hall 5C. You think that wheel can’t be re-invented in our industry? Come here and think again.

Coming to the fair is not only for product sourcing and trend spotting, but also for networking, grooming contacts, exchanging the latest news and seeing old friends – the show, by own accounts, is the world’s leading gift fair in all aspects.

Hall of Fine Designs
(Hall 1C-E)

Isle of Originality
(Hall 1E)

Smart Design Village
(Hall 5C)

Ruth Cooper, Journalist – Australian Giftguide, Australia

Walking the halls at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, one thing is immediately clear: this is a trade show that champions local talent.

From the new Startup Zone to the Hong Kong Exporters’ Association pavilion and the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards, it’s fantastic to see local designers and entrepreneurs being encouraged to share their creations with the world.

Of course, having large international brands like Moleskine exhibit at gift fairs will always be important, but it is the local talent that sets each fair apart and offers visitors a unique experience. For international attendees, being able to discover this hidden talent is vital—consumers are constantly searching for new products, and so being able to introduce new brands into their home market gives buyers a valuable edge over the competition.

There are so many innovative Hong Kong brands that deserve to be discovered by an international audience, and it is great to see the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair making it easy. Brands like Nu Design which creates smart accessories from recycled leather, or The Daydreamer Studio which offers a whole host of cute gifts and novelties for the home and kitchen have serious export potential just waiting to be harnessed by international companies.

Startup Zone
(Hall 5F-G Concourse)

The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association
(Halls 1E, 3E and 5B-C)

Hong Kong Smart Design Awards
(Hall 5C)

Moleskine Asia Limited
Booth: 1E-E04

Nu Design Limited
Booth: 1D-C04

The Daydreamer Studio
Booth: 1E-E36

Product Demonstration
Starlite Visual Communication Limited
Booth: 1E-E01

Testing and Certification Services for Gifts & Premiums
At the seminar, Wiz Chan, Senior Manager of Toys and Material Division, CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories and Martin Muendlein, Director of Global Project & Service Management, Intertek Holding Deutschland GmbH shared practical knowledge on testing and certification of gifts industry.

Startup . Smart Launch

Kazoo Technology (Hong Kong) Limited
Booth: 5CON-015

Mr. Sheep Co., Ltd.|
Booth: 5CON-010

Siao Shan Po Life Co., Ltd
Booth: 5CON-023
The Startup . Smart Launch session during the fair was an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to share their creativity to potential investors.

Adopting a Flexible Business Model to Stand Out in the Competition
At the seminar, Cyril Chan, Co-founder of Chiilaku Limited and Widy Kiswanto, Director of Techstorm Dynamics Pte., Ltd. provided valuable insights on how to stand out in the market.

Happy Hour
Happy hour is available from 2pm-5pm at Smart Design Village in Hall 5C. Buyers can take a rest from the fruitful sourcing journey and make new business connections.

Originality Sparks on Hong Kong’s Design
The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (HKEA), the fair’s co-organiser, has set up the exciting HKEA Pavilion at the fair, showcasing the competitive edge of Hong Kong exporters. The pavilion includes three major zones, namely Isle of Originality, Brand Oasis and Smart Design Village. The HKEA is also the driving force behind the Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards (HKSGDA), which has been renamed as the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards (HKSDA) this year to include the category of Home and Houseware. Visit the display in Hall 5C (Booth no: 5C-E08) to view the award-winning designs.

Competitive Designs from Hong Kong Exporters

Slider Pin
Beta International Corporation Limited
Booth: 1E-F37

Ladies Bangle Watch
Evermore Industrial Ltd.
Booth: 5C-F24

24K Gold Crystal Tea Cup
Handle Well Co. Ltd
Booth: 5C-E07

Toothbat – WOW
IDI Trading Limited
Booth: 5C-F07

Thermal Electric Kettle (COZI)
 Kinox Trading Limited.
Booth: 3E-C24

LED Flashlight Lantern
Masterwise International Limited
Booth: 5C-F06

MYBU – Baby Boy Figure
Wing Hang (3Y) Industries Ltd.
Booth: 5C-E09

Puppet & Theater
Yick Wah Plastic Factory Ltd.
Booth: 5C-F02

Hear What Exhibitors Say
“To expand overseas markets for MIT (Made in Taiwan) products, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan launched the ‘Taiwan-made Product MIT Smile Logo’ in 2010. The certification logo promotes the image of top-quality MIT products. This is the first time that the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan has appointed our company to set up the MIT Pavilion at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to promote top-quality MIT products to international buyers and let them know more about the ‘Taiwan-made Product MIT Smile Logo’. We have brought together 18 Taiwanese companies to showcase a broad variety of gift items such as ceramic tableware, small home appliances, apparel, handbags, towels, socks, hiking shoes, fashion accessories and blankets. As the biggest of its kind in the world, the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair provides the perfect platform for Taiwanese exhibitors to increase their exposure and to connect with more buyers from around the world. Many buyers from all over the world are interested in MIT products and made a lot of enquiries at the fair.”
Morris Lin (right), Project Manager, Corporate Synergy Development Center, Taiwan

“Established in 1981, our company started out as a greeting card designer and manufacturer. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of gift items such as wooden gifts, musical boxes, paper products and scrapbook albums. We are happy to have set up the largest booth again at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to promote our eighth brand – Jeantopia, which was launched earlier this year. This year we have transformed our booth into a DIY flagship store where we provide materials such as fabrics, paper and wooden parts for buyers to create their own products such as household items, stationery, photo frames and bags. The Hong Kong fair attracts quality buyers who are looking for DIY lifestyle products that can bring new experience for consumers. Many buyers like our DIY workshop and wholesalers from France, Turkey, the UK and the US have expressed their interest in bringing our DIY workshop to their markets.”
Yaya Lai, PR/Marketing Dept, Jean Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd., Taiwan

“We have been exhibiting at the Hall of Fine Designs for more than 10 years to promote our B.Duck brand and further boost our exports. We have designed and produced a wide variety of B.Duck products such as gifts, stationery, bags, kitchenware, children’s tableware and mobile phone accessories. B.Duck was launched in 2005 and its products are exported mainly to the Chinese mainland, Europe and Southeast Asia. The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair is important to us because buyers like to visit our booth to see and touch our new products. More importantly, we are able to find new customers through the fair every year. This year we met with a large EU buyer who is keen to distribute our B.Duck products in France, Germany and Italy. In fact, there is a growing demand for B.Duck products among kidults in European countries.”
Eddie Hui, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, ENS Business Development Limited, Hong Kong

“This is the third year in a row that we have set up the Shangyu Pavilion at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to help manufacturers from Shangyu District to develop overseas markets and secure orders. We have led a delegation of 25 enterprises from Shangyu District to showcase parasols, umbrellas and outdoor products in this year’s fair. Our delegation has occupied a total of 44 booths, the largest-ever Shangyu Pavilion at the Hong Kong fair. Since the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair provides a good platform for Shangyu manufacturers to showcase their strengths, they have received onsite orders. In view of overwhelming responses from buyers, we plan to join the fair again next year.”
Ding Zhiyin, Vice Head of District, The People’s Government of Shangyu District of Shaoxing City, the Chinese mainland

“Karactermania is a licensed manufacturer for 25 characters in Europe and our characters cover Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Warner Bros. and Universal Studios. We also own the worldwide licence to manufacture products for Oh My Pop! and PRO•DG. This is our first-time participation in the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. As Hong Kong is an important trading hub in the world, the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair provides an ideal platform for us to meet with customers from every corner of the world. During the first two days of the fair, we have met with serious buyers from Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East, Thailand, South America and the US. We are very happy with the results so far.”
Pere Biosca, Sales Manager, Karactermania, S.L., Spain

Hear What Buyers say
“Reina Batata has 25 retail outlets in Argentina, selling kitchenware, gadgets, gifts and decorative items. This is our first time visiting the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. At the fair, we have seen new designs for tableware, decorative items and key chains. We have met with more than 70 exhibitors from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. After going back to Argentina, we’ll shortlist 25 new suppliers and buy different products worth US$100,000 in total from these suppliers. We like the fair because it is a huge show where we can find what we want here. Exhibitors offer nice designs and good quality. I’ll come back next year.”
Maru Gonzalez (right), Visual Merchandising, Reina Batata, Argentina

“Based in the US, our company is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of high-end gifts such as crystal products and bronze statues. Our clients include museums, collectibles shops, antiques shops and zoos. We visit the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair regularly to look for new products and high-end packaging boxes. At this year’s fair, we have found three new suppliers of crystal products such as tableware and champagne glasses for our wedding collections. After checking their quotations, we’ll buy US$5,000-10,000 worth of crystal products per order. We are also very interested in the Small Order Zone which allows us to buy smaller quantities to test market response.”
Jay Jayson (left), President and Charles Daryanani (right), Vice President, Jay Jayson’s Inc., the US

“Good Decision is an importer and wholesaler of promotional items, with multinational companies in Portugal and Spain as its major customers. This is my first-time visit to the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to look for new products. It’s a well-organised show where we can find new products and new ideas. At the fair, I have spotted some interesting items such as twin umbrellas, eccentric umbrellas, neoprene handbags and denim-like plastic cosmetic bags which are suitable to my clients. So far, I have identified 20 potential suppliers and will present their new ideas to my customers.”
Marta Font Obiols, General Manager, Good Decision S.L., Spain

“Shinsegae operates 13 department stores in Korea. I have come here for the first time to look for handbags and leather goods. At the fair, I am particularly interested in cow leather carpets, plastic handbags, and luggage covers with fashionable designs. Up till now, I have found six potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. I enjoy the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair very much because it is a big show where I can see a huge variety of gifts and premiums.”
Hae-Moon Lee, Partner, International Accessories, Shinsegae Department Store, Korea

Free Gifts especially for YOU
Collect a stamp from any three of the five stamp counters and present the stamped coupon at any one of the designated gift redemption counters to redeem a complimentary gift.
The free gifts are sponsored by exhibitors from the Hall of Fine Designs (available while stocks last).

Stamp counters Gifts redemption counters
Hall 1C Oasis, Hall 3B Oasis, Hall 3F-G, Halls 5B-C, Halls 5F-G Hall 5B, Hall 5E, Halls 5F-G

Local buyers may also receive a “Sport Drinking and Misting Spray Water Bottle” by presenting this print out, your business card and buyer badge; and redeem your souvenir at the Visitor Promotion Counter in Hall 5E (Booth 5E-F34). Buyers visiting on 29-30 April 2017 (Sat & Sun) may receive an extra souvenir - Afternoon Tea 3 pcs Set.
Souvenirs are available on a first come, first serve basis. One gift per buyer. In case of disputes, the decision of HKTDC is final and binding.

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